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Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

What if you can buy a meal for RM20, pay it upfront, get back RM20 in rebates for the next 12 months and at the same time get covered by an insurance policy? Won’t your meal be considered free? You can have any meal you can think of that cost RM20. KFC, McDonald's, Subways, those fancy restaurants. All you need to do is get a Term Life Insurance from PolicyStreet. And the best part is Term Life is as low as only RM9.85 per month. That’s right. You pay up to RM9.85 and get up to RM20 every month for the next 12 months!!! So you get insurance coverage and yet enjoy a meal.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20 month from PolicyStreet

Two Questions Need Answers.

The first big question here is, “Why do I need life insurance”. There are a lot of replies, but the reason is simple. Imagine this, say that you are married and have a child. With your job position, you can afford a nice big house which you recently bought and a family car. If an unforeseen circumstance can’t be avoided leaving your wife and child, who will pay for your debt?

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

How about this reason. You have a special child that needs special care. Who on earth will pay for all the fees and treatments or services to care for your child when you're not around anymore? Here’s another reason to get a life insurance. How are you going to divide equally assets or who will inherit your business assets and liabilities?

If that’s not enough, how about injuring yourself falling out of a tree and fracturing two of your vertebrae, T11 and T12? That’s where Life Insurance becomes a hero for you and your family, and that’s how Yen Ming got the idea for starting up PolicyStreet.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

It got him to think, “Insurance has always seen as a cost and not need to have. And when any unforeseen circumstances happen to our loved ones or us, it is often too late. And I have seen time and time again in my life that unfortunate things happen when we least expect it.”

You might not need life insurance, but your family does especially in dire time.

The second question is, Why PolicyStreet? What’s the catch? How about 12 months of complimentary meal worth of up to RM20. You don’t need to do any crazy things or jump of a tree (which of course is dangerous). All you need to do is a signup for UForLife policy. That’s all there is to it and as simple as that. (Terms and conditions apply)

PolicyStreet handpicks and presents to you the best insurance policies in the market that suits your needs and lifestyles at an affordable price with premium benefits. UForLife Term Insurance will do just that.

What Is UForLife Term Insurance?

What Is UForLife Term Insurance

It is a term life policy which pays cash between RM100,000 – RM1,000,000 (depending on your option) to you in the event of your unfortunate death and total permanent disability from both natural and accidental causes. For only as little as RM9.85/month, UForLife policy gets you protected for RM100,000 coverage. That’s quite a lot for an insurance policy that cost under RM10 per month. The downside, it’s not like Whole Life insurance which has cash value.

One might wonder, “how come it’s so affordable? An insurance agent is selling at a higher price point!” It’s because those agents aren’t willing to offer you a low price insurance that will only give them a small amount of return. PolicyStreet is the otherwise understanding your needs, and then curating specific insurance policies to suit your lifestyles. They don’t need to spend a lot on physical forms, travel and lodging.

That’s why PolicyStreet can offer life protection for as low as RM9.85 a month. Compared to an agent, they would usually sell a comprehensive investment-linked life protection for about RM200 to RM300 per month.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month For UForLife Insurance with PolicyStreet

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

You can save a lot with RM20 meal rebates if you signup for UForLife Insurance policy. Enjoy lunch or dinner at a fast food chain, or maybe at the “Mamak” for roti canai, or being trendy by getting a homemade burger at a food truck! Imagine doing that for the next 12 months.

With five easy steps, you can enjoy your free complimentary meal. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

Step 1 - Choose & Purchase

Currently, this offer is for UForLife Policy only. Signup and received an e-policy document from the insurance provider.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

Step 2 - Create An Account

Once you received an e-policy document, register an account with PolicyStreet and upload your policy on your dashboard for verification purpose.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

Step 3 - Key In Bank Details

Update your personal information and your bank details. Meal rebates will be transferred to the account number provided.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

Step 4 - Eat!

Make sure your account is verified then eat.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

Step 5 - Upload Receipt

Upload the picture of your receipt to your account, and you’ll receive your meal rebate of up to RM20/month for the next 12 months.

Sign Up Now And Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month For Any Insurance with PolicyStreet!

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

To signup, all you need ready is your debit or credit card. Then answer all health-related and family history questions which take about 10 minutes to complete. After that, you'll be covered instantly upon confirmation of payment. No mediator involved.

PolicyStreet also offers a broad range of insurance products which covers all aspects of life; handpick the best insurance policies and present to you efficiently and transparently.

Other Insurance policy offered by PolicyStreet, Personal Accidents Insurance, an annual policy which provides compensation in the event of personal injuries. Allianz HomeShield stands guarding your home contents against loss due to fire breakout, theft, natural disasters. Mellita Care, specified Critical Illness (CI) is a pure protection life insurance that is tailored for people with diabetes.

Get Meal Rebates of Up To RM20/month from PolicyStreet

Not only do they offers you Life Insurance but other insurance product as well. Including ones that you haven’t heard of such as Mosbite by Tokio Marine Insurance, is an instant cover that pays up to RM4,500 when diagnosed with dengue fever and Zika. Golfers Insurance, which will take care of the mishaps that may happen in a game of golf. Visit https://www.policystreet.com/ now !

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